World Geography

Raising awareness of the importance of world geography in the modern world means working for the future of planet Earth.

Many people may not realise how fundamental is the relationship between geography, environment and sustainable development.

World Geography Guide

"What’s the use of geography? Why is it important?" Quite simply we could say that it permit us to get possession of reality and know the world. It studies the planet Earth as it is now, but also how it has changed over time and describes its landscapes, animals and plants.

Of course among all the animals the one which changes the Earth is man and that is why geography studies what men do and build around them.

Making geography means forming aware, autonomous, responsible and critical citizens of the world, able to live with their environment and able to modify it in a creative and sustainable way, looking to the future.

What is the longest river on Earth? What is the most subjected State to earthquakes? What is the wettest or driest place on Earth? What causes a landslide?
Many of these questions occur at least once in our lives, because of simple curiosity or real need. Knowing geography means being able to provide answers to these and other questions, even if they're often considered unnecessary.

This guide will give you useful information about geography of planet Earth. Navigate the website and check out all information you need.